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Therapy Dog Preparation Training at Bark Avenue
Our Training Director, Daniel McElroy is an evaluator for the Canine Therapy Corps. Being an evaluator gives him the insight to set up a training program specifically tailored to the needs of Canine Therapy Corps and their patients. This program is designed to prepare your dog for the rigorous “Therapy Dog” test.

We help prepare dogs to assist patients in hospitals and rehab facilities. Therapy dogs have been specially trained to assist patients and caregivers. These dogs are owned by volunteers who generously donate their time and their dog’s time to help others. It is very rewarding for the dog, the owner and the patient. Therapy dogs must have absolutely rock solid temperaments and very strong obedience training. While we cannot guarantee that your dog will pass the test, this program is the best place to start.
Daycare is FREE on training days with On or Off-Leash Obedience Training. Get 3 FREE Daycare Days for your dog by referring a friend who signs their dog up for On or Off-Leash Obedience Training. Take advantage of 50% OFF your dogs FIRST GROOM at Bark Avenue!!! For dogs BOARDING three or more nights, we offer 50% OFF GROOMING during their stay with us.

11am on Saturdays
Includes training evaluation and mini lesson with your dog.